Tawasol Partnership

Odoo Full salea, accounting and manufacturing implementation

Softsolvit, a Odoo implementation partner, announced a strategic partnership with Tawasol Egypt, a prominent Egyptian manufacturer. This collaboration focuses on implementing the advanced Odoo 17 ERP system to optimize Tawasol Egypt's accounting, sales, inventory management, and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionalities.

By integrating Odoo 17, Tawasol Egypt will establish a unified platform to streamline crucial operations. Softsolvit's team of Odoo specialists will meticulously configure the software to align with Tawasol Egypt's specific production processes. This will empower them with:

  • Enhanced Financial Oversight: Gain real-time insights into financial data, ensuring accurate accounting practices and informed decision-making.
  • Boosted Sales Management: Streamline sales cycles, improve customer relationship management (CRM), and amplify sales performance.
  • Optimized Inventory Control: Achieve meticulous inventory control with features like demand forecasting, stock level monitoring, and automated reordering.
  • Data-Driven MRP: Implement a data-driven MRP system to ensure efficient material procurement, production planning, and cost control.

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